Self Help Skills Training

Self Help skills Training

Social skills and communication are the most obvious areas of concern when a child is diagnosed with Autism. Without these skills, a child is unable to get their needs met, interact appropriately with others around them, and may have increased tantrums or other challenging behaviors as a result.

Self-care skills are one skill deficit area that tends to be overlooked. These may include basics such as bathing, dressing, toileting, toothbrushing, and as the child gets older will extend to shaving, cleaning his/her bedroom, putting on deodorant, fixing their hair, and vocational tasks. Tasks that seem quick and easy to us may be far more complex for a child with autism. Fine motor delays can exacerbate their difficulties. Breaking a task down into basic, teachable components helps to isolate each step for the child in such a way that makes it easier for them to understand and learn. After giving a short initial simple instruction (e.g. “Pull up your pants”) the parent can then provide physical prompting as needed to assist the child through a series of steps.

Unit Name Date Hours
Program Overview
One-On-One ABA Therapy Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
School Readiness Group Tuesday and Thursday 3 hours/week
Swimming Coaching Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour/week
Sports and Yoga Group Saturday 45 minutes/week
Social Skills Group Saturday 1 hour/week
Early Intervention Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
ABA Clinical Sessions Monday to Friday 5 hrs/week

Important Dates

Christmas Celebration
  • December 21, 2017
  • All day
  • BE CHANGE CENTRE FOR AUTISM, #11, Samrudhi, opp, 4th Cross Rd, Gururaja Layout, Vibhutipura Extension, Doddanekundi, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

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